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Real Love Network is:

Safe Space to Learn About Love 💕 

Activities to Help You Grow in Relationships ✍🏾

Accountability to Help You Stick to What You Said You Want 👀 

Hey girl Hey! Listen I get it.  Love can get complicated. 

Do I feel like putting in the effort?

Who do I choose, because the last time that didn't work out....

If I do meet someone awesome, how do I make sure not to mess it up!

I've never really bee in a healthy relationship... so how do I thrive once I get in one.

I created this community specifically to support you in your love journey. Yes, journey.... it's not a destination. Always flowing every going... but where is your base?

This is a safe place where you can be yourself, flaws and all. Supported through the decision making that goes through the steps of Self Love , Attraction, and then Thriving in a Relationship.

What I see too often is that as a professional woman you either :

A. Focused so much on business, education, impact and other goals that love falls to the wayside.


B. Praying for the Boaz to show up in her living room. Now you know darn well... you don't even open the door for the Amazon Prime guy so how in the world are you going to meet him.

So this is option C.

C. A place where Professional Women go who truly desire real love.

Real Love Network is founded to create an atmosphere of love, no judgment, upliftment, and transformation to women who are experiencing/experienced heartache of failed relationships. This is where women feel understood, supported and loved. This is a family that supports women to start from whatever situation they are and support them all the way to being what they really want to be and what they really want to achieve in the area of love.


A circle where women are authentic to themselves and accepted for who they really are. This is a family that pours you with love, positivity, hope, and encouragement you have been longing to have. Be with us and see the magic!

Almost Complete...

Choose from the following options to be apart of this amazing community: 

Self- Love: Self Study

Minimum 12-month commitment. 

$97/ month

This membership will allow you to access:

  • Real Love Network Vault with Video Trainings On Demand - Over 60 hours on love, dating, feminity, communication, self love, mindset, and more.

Annual Commitment 
Pay in Full: Save $164: $1k/yr

Open to Love: Group


Minimum 12-month commitment. 

This membership will allow you to access:

  • Monthly Live Love Session Group Coaching with Coach Cass via Zoom
  • Monthly Live Mindset Group Session with RLN Mindset Coach
  • Real Love Network Vault with Video Trainings On Demand
  • Wanted Woman T-shirt
  • Access to the WANTED Woman Escape

Annual Commitment 
Pay in Full: Save $64: $3500k/yr

The WANTED Woman: Group + a little 1:1


Minimum 12-month commitment. 

Only 5 spots available.

This membership will allow you to access:

This level will allow you to access:

  • Love Audit (1 on 1 private session with Coach Cass) 
  • General Admission to the Success in Love Summit event plus buddy pass 
  • Monthly Live Love Session Group Coaching with Coach Cass via Zoom 
  • Monthly Live Mindset Group Session with RLN Mindset Coach
  • Loving Me Affirmation Series
  • Love Intensive (Live Quarterly Masterclass)
  • Wanted Woman Members Box (eligible after 4 months)
  • WANTED Woman's Book Club
  • Access to the WANTED Woman Collection- Confidence Jewelry. 
  • Real Love Network Vault with Video Trainings
  • One-on-one check-in session with Coach Cass
  • Wanted Woman T-shirt
  • Real Love Network Private Facebook Group
  • Sister Circle
  • Access to the WANTED Woman Escape

Annual Commitment 
Pay in Full:  
Save $464: $5500/yr

Raving Fans
Hear what professional women have to say about Coach Cass'  Love Coaching
I encourage you attend! To join the Real Love Network. As a successful business woman, I live intentional, except when it came to my love life.  I decided that life is too great to journey alone. I attended the Success in Love Summit convinced that all the good men are taken and not sure if I could trust the ones left.
Glad I opened my mind to know I'm a "Wanted Woman" and there is a man praying for me to become his wife.
Ladies, just do it! If you have had a dry spell in the relationship area of your life. The Success in Love Summit is where you need to be. I was skeptical and was going to cancel at the last minute, but I'm so glad I didn't believe and act on the thoughts I was thinking. The thoughts of " My time has past for love" or "I will never find that ONE great guy to spend the rest of my life with, because they are all taken" (sound familiar?). The Success in Love Summit taught me that I get exactly what I expect and I expect to be loved and in a fabulous relationship. Make the investment in yourself and get to The Summit. It is an experience you'll never forget. ♥️
I decided to join after I attended a Masterclass and my experience has been exceptional so far. Usually with groups, I have felt like "a number" , a tally to hit the goal. Coach Cass and her team have curated an experience where you really feel like they care about you. So happy I joined.
It had been 6 years since I was in a relationship. Being apart of the Real Love Network has really created the support system I've needed to "get back out there". Yes even during quarantine. I met someone. Which has been pretty cool. This process that Coach Cass has created has increased my self-worth and self-image and for that I am grateful.

I just celebrated my 2 year wedding anniversary all thanks to Coach Cass. I was a busy executive always on the go wondering when love would find me. It wasn't until I decided to work with Coach Cass that everything changed. I would recommend to every woman who wants to attract real love.
Listen, before working with Coach Cass I didn’t have a problem attracting men, it was just that I kept attracting the wrong man! She taught me what I needed to know to attract the right man and now we are on the road to marriage.
I thought love was over for me, due to working with Coach Cass now over the age of 60. I connected with the best relationship of my life!
As a single mom, who has had health issues. I wasn't doing very well with my choice of men. Yes even as a therapist, I too needed Coach Cass' help. And because of her coaching I am now engaged!
Frequently Asked Questions
How long do I have access to the platform?
Depending on the offer you invest in. You have access to the platform as often as you like during that time. If you invested in a plan you have unlimited access forever until you cancel or discontinue payments. 
Is there a physical University to attend?
No. This Real Love Network is online only for your convenience to be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablet. (( We do have a virtual event you can attend Success in Love Summit ))
Who is this best suited for?
Any woman who wants to get more out of her relationships. Entrepreneurs, C-Suite, Corporate Women, Women with goals, Divorced Women, Single Women, Women who are dating, Women who want more, Women who want a happy and fulfilling relationship.
Why is it a 6 month commitment for monthly payments?
After 6 months of seeing how this community truly works for our WANTED women, we are honoring the role of commitment. This is about declaring that sisterhood is important to you. It's about allowing space for your growth and leveling up from a mindset, worthiness, and love standpoint. This is about making a decision, and knowing that no matter what you're going through - you will have WANTED Women who have your back.
How can I invite my family, friends and community to become members?
Simply share this website and invite them to join.
What if I still have questions?
Feel free to contact us via email to: 
How long is the Real Love Network membership?
The Real Love Network is an ongoing healthy lifestyle choice, like the gym. You can maintain your membership for as long as you like. New trainings are continuously introduced to the Network.
What days are the live coaching sessions?
The Live Love Sessions take place every month and will be available to replay within 24-48 hours after the live session.
Will I have access to the replays?
How can I work with Coach Cass Directly?
One on One begins at $2500. Visit www.Calendly.com/InspireMany to book a time to speak about upgrade.
Can I upgrade my Payment Plan?
Yes Ma’am, you sure can! Want to go from monthly payments to yearly and save $$? Send us an email at info@inspiremany.com and we’ll get that taken care of for you! Previous payments will not count towards your upgrade.
How do I cancel my membership?
Real Love Network is designed for you to gain support in your stages of love from single to in a relationship to engaged to married. The art of having a happy and fulfilling relationship is a lifelong process. You are able to cancel after 6 months, by emailing info@inspiremany.com before your billing cycle renews. Otherwise, your membership will be canceled the following month. We encourage you to stay and be a part of the community! Early cancellation fee is the remainder money owed  for the time signed up for.
 How do I connect with other members?
All members are a part of an online community where you can network, connect and encourage each other.
Available Payment Options?
LEVEL 1: GROUP Monthly Membership: $197/mo. (automated recurring payments like a gym membership) with a 6 month commitment. Payment go month to month after.
1-year Membership: $2K/yr. (you get almost 2 months free with this option. Save $167. )
Hi... I'm Coach Cass. 

I am sooooo excited that you are here. So a little bit about me.  I like long walks on the beach, jerk chicken, dancing zumba, and reggae music. I've been featured in major publications such as Women's day, Fast Company, Black Enterprise and more.

Why would a mom of one and done... wife to a stellar entrepreneur... and innovator of a movement to create representation for black girls  start the Real Love Network?

It was needed. And I live by the motto...If it is to be it's up to me.
I created what I needed.
I have been you.
I get it.
In between all the zoom meetings, to-do lists, and virtual causes you support...
You're sick and tired of the relationships you've been in.
You really don't want to grow old alone.
And you're wondering if you are the only one that feels like this...

You're not.

There is an entire community of professional women who want to the same thing you do...a happy, healthy, thriving relationship.

My question is why do it alone?... figuring out what dating looks like now, what to say, how to choose, how to maintain a great relationship once you're in one....why do it alone?

I get it, you have a few girlfriends you can talk to. But what I realize is...it's like the blind leading the blind.

This community is a community created to support you in your journey. Hold you accountable to what you say you want. And celebrate you along the way.

I am on a mission to support 1,000 women to find love. 

Above you've seen plenty of testimonials. You have what you need to know. So the question is...do you want support? If the Answer is yes.

Hit the button...SIGN UP!

I'm listening...

"But Coach Cass... I read a book once."

Me: And what happened after you ready the book.

"But Coach Cass... I'm really busy."

Me: This community was create for busy women.
"But Coach Cass... I've never invested in something like this."

Me: Even more reason to sign up.

Join us.

Click the Sign up button.

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